Best Places for Whiskey Tours in Scotland

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Looking to get away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life? Want to explore the history, origins and cultures surrounding your favourite drink? Or even just to relax in picturesque Scotland with a dram of the good stuff? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then a Whiskey Tour in Scotland is definitely for you.

We specialise in providing luxury Whiskey Tours in Scotland to people from all over the globe! So if you’re looking for the ideal getaway in the most beautiful country in the world, have a look at some of the tours we offer that are ideal for whiskey lovers and enthusiasts.

Even for those who aren’t too fond of whiskey, we’ve got pre-planned and bespoke trips designed specifically to showcase the gorgeous scenery and stunning landscapes that bonnie Scotland has to offer.

Here are some of the best whiskey distillery tours available to book today:



5. Our Bespoke Golf & Whiskey Tours

bespoke golf and whiskey tours

Scotland is celebrated around the world for two mains things: golf and whiskey. This tour can be tailored to suit your golfing interests and favourite whiskeys, allowing you to have the most wonderful time exploring the best whiskey distillery tours and golf Scotland has to offer anywhere you want.

Bespoke Golf & Whiskey Tours



4. Islay

bespoke islay tours

Islay whiskeys are known for their refined tastes and subtle notes, and there is nowhere better to experience this whiskey than at the Island of Islay distillery. Whether you’re flying from Glasgow, or getting the ferry from Kennacraig, this whiskey tour allows you to become fully acquainted with the island’s famous distilleries through in-depth tours and discussions, but you can also relax on the white sandy beaches, and enjoy some of the best seafood Scotland has to offer.

Islay Tours



3. The Highlands

scottish highland village tours

Highland whiskeys are known across the world, but this is your chance to get up close and personal with the people who lovingly craft them. Due to the variety of flavours of Highland whiskey, this tour ensures that you get to taste each one to fully understand the subtleties and differences. Offering a range of accommodation to suit your tastes, this tour combines Scotland’s range of whiskies with some of its most picturesque landscapes, including Inverness, Edderton, Dornoch, Tain and Strathpeffer.

Highlands Tours



2. Speyside

speyside distillery tours

A whiskey tour for anyone who likes mysteries and surprises, our Speyside whiskey tour offers the chance to visit 6 Scottish distilleries without knowing where you are going! From your start in Aberdeen, only your personal driver will know the route and places you will visit, but they will be sworn to secrecy, making this an exciting trip you will never forget. Lunch stops also include famous whiskey bars, meaning this is your chance to really explore a wide variety of Scotland’s most famous tipple.

Speyside Whisky Tours



1. North Coast 500

north coast 500 scotland vacation

Starting in Inverness, this whiskey tour is luxury personified. Following Scotland’s stunning coastal landscapes across a five day period, you will get to sample Scotland’s best and finest whiskeys and gins. With world class spirits, excellent food and white beaches, this tour is perfect for anyone who needs to relax and unwind.

The Whisky Lovers North Coast 500 Tours



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The earliest reference to distilling in the Scottish islands is found in the Statutes of Iona of 1609, where it records the charter that allowed islanders to distil but not import “aqua vitae!