High spirits at High Spirits Tours for latest reviews

I can honestly say I am truly grateful for the incredibly kind reviews I have so far received from people from all areas of the world who have come to visit Scotland and have paid hard-earned cash to use me as their tour operator for their visit.


I have been used for days out for couples, whisky tours (or whiskey tours :-)), Speyside whisky tours, Highland whisky tours, island hopping tours, Scottish Highlands tours, tailor-made Scottish tour, gin tours…. the list can go on! These tours have been special for me for many reasons too. I have left the corporate world behind and have been reawakened to my own little country poking out into the Atlantic Ocean! People are so interested in our history, culture, people and of course our fine spirit! I have even been told by French guests that it is, in fact, possible to get excellent food and wine in Scotland. This is probably my proudest moment! 🙂

My favourite season is now here. Autumn/ fall, golden and crimson with crisp, bright mornings is one of the best times to visit Scotland for the light and colour. I have great heating in the van as well as air-conditioning, so we can still have some amazing tours in the cooler months. Contact us if you would love a warming dram tour in autumn or winter (as the weather will permit) we will get on the road to enjoy Scotland at all times.

As always we are available for your Scottish tours and tailor-made holidays. We will be happy to quote you for your Scottish, bespoke package.

We hope to welcome you soon!

Grant, Owner, High Spirits Tours


The Scots took to the art of distilling with great gusto that in 1579 the Scottish government was forced to ban the use of grains for distilling purposes due to shortages and a serious crop failure!