Include Morag the Morgan on your Mini moon

At High Spirits Tours, we have the perfect solution for your memorable Mini Moon! You can share your special trip with our beautiful, 2017 Morgan 4/4. She has so much charm and is perfectly capable of whisking you away to a remote Spa Hotel or romantic hideaway in Scotland. We offer simple classic car hire of Morag for up to 7 days and go as you please or we can also include a fantastic itinerary, built to suit your budget and interests.

All you have to be is older than 25 and younger than 70 and have a sparkling, clean drivers licence.

Morag will be your perfect companion for your alternative Mini Moon. Classic Car Hire in Scotland has never been so romantic! Our Morgan Car Hire in Scotland fits the bill, perfectly!

Send us a note with your where and when and we will get on and do the rest.

Book early to ensure availability.

morgan classic car hire in scotland


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