Morgan Classic Car Hire in Scotland

morgan classic car hire in scotland

Travel in Style

When amongst the beauty of the Scottish countryside and islands, it would be a shame not to drive an equally beautiful car – with Morgan Classic Car Hire in Scotland, now you can!

Whilst Morag may have looks and charm straight from the 1940s, Morgan actually still hand-builds these exact same cars today with the same level of craftsmanship and independent spirit as ever.

This is a car that prioritises an enjoyable experience more than anything else.

This car will help you escape from the mundanity of daily motoring but isn’t so overwhelmingly fast that you can’t enjoy the country roads without being slapped with a speeding ticket.



Expert Crafstmanship

Much like a fine Scotch, Morgan has had years of passion and skill put into making it something special. Every Morgan produced features a body-frame that has been lovingly carved from ash, a tradition that the manufacturer has maintained for almost seven decades. Inside, the finely-upholstered seats and leather trim are all hand-stitched and each interior is bespoke for each car. Simplicity, style and tradition are at the heart of the Morgan’s exterior and interior design.


Why Morgan Classic Car Hire in Scotland?

It would be fair to say that Scotland has some of the most engaging driving roads in the UK set amongst some of the more dramatic and scenic countryside offering you a far more idyllic driving experience compared to urban traffic jams and motorways. With Morag’s soft-top roof, you can stow away the canvas and experience the elements in all their glory.

Morgan Classic Car Hire in Scotland


The Ideal Add-On for Your Tour!

the ideal add on for any tour

For the best classic car hire Scotland has to offer, whether you want a classic sports-car to take out for a weekend cruise, to add some retro charm to a wedding or prom, or perhaps you want to travel in style on one of our tours(this service can be added as an extra alongside any tour advertised),the luxurious and engaging Morgan might be the car for you.

Morgan car hire is available for 1 to 7 days, and there is a mileage cap of 150 miles per day.

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