Tara and John take a whisky trip on their tour of Scotland

Tara and John from Washington D.C. decided to visit Scotland and mid-vacation took some time out to chill out and let someone else take the strain and drink some great Scotch! We whisked them off to the heart of Speyside to take in the atmosphere of Glenlivet, Glenfarclas and The Macallan. They made the whisky distillery visits part of their holiday in Scotland. We were honoured that they selected High Spirits Tours for their Speyside whisky tour. It wasn’t only the Scotch that took their breaths away, the Cairngorm scenery also got them clicking away on their cameras.

Thanks again to Tara and John for making our day out fun too. Oh, and thanks for lunch too! šŸ˜‰


The earliest reference to distilling in the Scottish islands is found in the Statutes of Iona of 1609, where it records the charter that allowed islanders toĀ distilĀ but notĀ importĀ “aqua vitae!