Top 5 Places for Trips to Scotland

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Top 5 Trips to Scotland

Scotland is a fantastic country filled with fabulous things to do for families, friends, solo travellers, couples and more. If you’re in search of some Scottish tours inspiration, then you’ve come to the perfect place.

Our beautiful wee country has lots to offer. From breath-taking scenery to some of the finest whiskies in the world, there’s not much more you can ask for in a holiday destination.

The tours we provide offer you the chance to discover Scotland comfortably, as all accommodation and excursions are paid for! This allows you to enjoy any of our Scotland Tours without having to worry where you’re going to stay for the night.

Below we discuss five brilliant places for Trips to Scotland:


5. Magical Mull Discovery Tour

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The first fabulous place for thrilling Scottish vacations is the magical mull discovery tour. This beautiful island is bursting with fabulous people, food, sights, and beaches. This is the perfect place to unwind and feel at one with nature. The perfect Scottish escape to help you de-stress from daily life.

Mull Tours


4.Fife Harbour Villages Experience

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Fife is known as one of the country’s gems, and is the perfect stop on any trips to Scotland. It’s easily accessible via Glasgow and Edinburgh and houses one of the world’s most iconic rail bridges. It’s the perfect quaint fishing village that offers a laid-back atmosphere, wonderful food and people. It’s one of the true treasure of Scotland.

Fife Tours


3. Highlands Villages Experience

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The Scottish Highlands are famous worldwide, and this tour gives you the opportunity to see its beauty up close. You will experience the true life of the highlands villages and get to know the locals and their history – beginning in Inverness. Each village from East to West to North has its own unique charm and beauty. Villages include Plockton, Ullapool, Dornoch, and Portmahomack. The perfect start to your trips to Scotland.

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2. Islay Whisky Enthusiasts Tour

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This is the perfect tour for lovers of both Whisky and Islay. This tour takes you to the beautiful island of Islay with its abundant history, rugged beauty, and famous Islay whiskies. With a choice of flight or ferry, you will arrive at this beautiful island with the chance to experience white sand beaches, local people and wildlife, top quality accommodation, and delicious Scottish cuisine. This is perfect for those looking for unique Scottish vacations.

Islay Tours


1. Whisky Lovers North Coast 500

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If you love whisky and want to experience Scotland’s beautiful coastline, then this is the trip for you. Beginning at Inverness, this trip takes you through the breath-taking North Coast 500. With a suggested itinerary of five days, this tour will give you the chance to experience Scotland’s beauty in all its glory with the opportunity to taste some of the finest whisky on offer. You’ll experience historical castles, beautiful white beaches, luxury and so much more.

North Coast 500 Tours

These are five fantastic places to experience the best of your holidays in Scotland. You will leave with life-long memories, beautiful photos, and a craving to return as soon as possible!


It’s a common misconception that single malt whisky is the product of one cask. In fact, it is the product of a single distillery and may actually come from several casks therein.