Winter Tasting Session in the comfort of your own home!

Have you ever thought of hosting your own whisky, gin, wine or beer tasting sessions in the comfort of your own home with all your friends and family? Leave it all to us at High Spirits Tours. For the Winter, our very own “silent season” I have come up with a great, fun idea to let the long, dark nights pass by super quick and in a tasty fashion! Introducing our very own tasting sessions. Pretty simple, really! You email me on and tell me:

-where you live

-how many will be on the tasting

-would you like to taste Scottish gins? World of Beers?

-Gold (18yo+) Whiskies, Silver (Rare and unusual) or Bronze (Standard Bottlings)?

-how many tasting samples would you like? 4 or 5, or 6 or 7! You decide!

I come along and make myself comfortable, get set up, give you some banter about what you are drinking and close up! Guests can take away their very own memento tasting glass (whisky).


It would be great to have some fun tasting some great drinks and maybe even get ideas for your Christmas drinks order.


Give me a shout via the email and we can get things rolling.

Oh, and finally! Bookings must take place at least 6 weeks before the date of the evening as this is how long it takes to get licensed for having drinks in someone’s house! 🙁

Hope to hear from you soon!


Grant Muir, Owner, High Spirits Tours


Speyside Cooperage World Record. The Speyside Cooper – David McKenzie is the Guinness World Record Title holder – building a 190 litre barrel in 3 mins 3 seconds!